The Journey Home Collection

The Journey Home Collection


Arriving January 2022, The Journey Home Panel created by Karen Erickson.

"In light of the recent traumatic events that have unfolded at former Residential Schools across Canada, Karen Erickson created 'Every Child Matters' out of reverence to those grieving. This painting depicts two siblings who were finally set free after being grimly discovered at a Residential School.

The children who are shown holding hands were torn apart from each other,  but now reunited as they make their way back home. Karen included beautiful imagery such as a moon and feathers to represent the First Nations, Inuit and Metis people joining together to guide the two siblings home.

100% of the net proceeds from the sales of the panel from 'The Journey Home' will be donated to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society and the Orange Shirt Society. For more information on these charities, please visit and"

- Posted by Northcott Fabrics



Every Child Matters Quilt Pattern

Northcott Studio has released the Every Child Matters Quilt Pattern for free, copies of this pattern will be printed and available at the shop. This pattern features The Journey Home Panel and coordinating Toscana Blenders. We will be putting together kits, to preorder your kit please contact us via phone or email.

Cost for a kit will be $52.00 + tax.

Finished Quilt Size: 36.5" x 42"


The Journey Home Panel measures 21" x 26.5", you get 2 panels across the width of the fabric. Cost per panel is $5.25 + tax. For the quilt pattern you will need to choose 6 of the coordinating Toscana's. 

toscana lime twisttoscana monarchtoscana fire coraltoscana ebonytoscana rainforesttoscana mac & cheesetoscana tangerine tangotoscana picket fencetoscana prussiantoscana bermuda breezetoscana orange peeltoscana sunflower

 Comment below and let us know which of the 6 Toscana's you would use in your quilt? 




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How do I purchase a quilt kit? What is the cost of shipping to Nanaimo BC?


I have the journey home panel and coordinating Northcott fabrics. What pattern is the stars in the corners?

Vivian Short

I would like to buy 8 panels. How do i proceed?

Lyne Daigle

Are you still selling the Journey Home / Every Child Matters quilt kits? If so, how do I order one?

Annette Troshynski

What a beautiful panel to honor the aboriginals for their loss. It is hard to imagine how your soul would shrink and how your mind would be altered for life to know that your children were taken away and never to be seen or heard from for the rest of your life! As a mother of 3, I feel their pain in the depth of my heart.

Mary L Cohen

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