How To Order Product

How To Order Product

We strongly encourage you to place orders using our website. Not all our inventory has made it to our website yet, but we will continue to work on adding to it each week. You can also place orders by phone 1-902-628-1998, by email or through Facebook. Sorry, no walk in customers allowed. Below are the three ways you can collect your orders: 

Curbside Pick-Up:

Upon payment of your order, a pick-up time will be scheduled. We ask that you try and respect the times scheduled as we try to schedule them with little to no overlap. When you arrive please stay in your car to allow us the opportunity to put your order out. Once we're safely back indoors proceed to pick up your order.

Local Home Delivery:

We ask that you have your order in and paid for by Wednesday 4pm to allow us enough time to prepare for a Friday delivery. When delivering on Friday's we will set you order at your front door and ring the doorbell to notify you of its arrival. We ask that you wait until we're at a safe distance from the door prior to collecting your parcel. 

Mail order:

See our detailed shipping page for more details.



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