12 Weeks of Christmas Ornaments - Week 5

12 Weeks of Christmas Ornaments - Week 5

It's week FIVE of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Ornaments! We are almost halfway through our ornaments. We have been getting a few questions this week, so we thought it might be helpful to list some of our favorite wool applique notions.  For those of you who are new here, the ornaments are from the Buttermilk Basin's Ornament Extravaganza Book, each week participants receive a kit for a ornament revealed here. If you don't already have your kit, they are now available for pick up at the store. Let's take a look at some helpful notions.
LEFT TO RIGHT: The Applique Pressing Sheet, Thread Magic, Piecemakers Embroidery Needles Size 8, Tulip Tapestry Needles Size 22, Perfect Scissors Karen Kay Buckley 4" - Size Small, & Clover White Marking Pen.
  • The Applique Pressing Sheet: This is especially helpful with the Christmas ornaments as you are fusing small pieces together, not to a background. Other benefits include: it's reusable (less waste if you use wax paper) & easy to clean. Suzanne has had her applique pressing sheet for 15 years! 
  • Thread Magic: I would not say this is a necessary notion, but definitely a  helpful one. It's help for fraying & tangling, it also help glide through smoothly when stitching. 
  • Piecemakers Embroidery Needles Size 8: Best when using 3 strands of floss or less.
  • Tulip Tapestry Needles Size 22: Best when using 3+ strands of floss, or  using pearl cotton. 
  • Perfect Scissors Karen Kay Buckley 4" - Size Small: My all time favorite scissors for cutting wool, features micro-serrated blades that pulls the fabric into the scissors. These scissors do come in a variation of sizes, depending on the size of your fingers you may want a larger pair for comfort.
  • Clover White Marking Pen: This is the marking tool I prefer to use when doing decorative stitches, it has a fine tip for accuracy. Markings are easily removed with water or by using an iron. FYI: As the ink dries the marking become more visible, so it can take a minute for the markings to really appear. 
  • Week 5: Wintertime Treats: Gingerbread Girl OR Boy(see image page 27)


    We would love to hear what your favorite notions are for wool applique? Please feel free to share in the comments. 

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    I love the wool ironing mat.

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