Week 1: Cutting Your Fabric

Week 1: Cutting Your Fabric



Welcome to week 1! We are so excited that you have decided to join us in our sewing adventure. This week we will be getting all of our fabric cut, you should have your kit purchased, and/or your fabric selected. Usually before cutting I would prewash my fabric, since the kit contains precut 10" squares, we will just skip this step. Please read the pattern instructions before we get started, this will be helpful when cutting and piecing.


** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Id' like to point something out, the fabric requirements indicates that you should have a stack of 10" Squares (this is generally 42 squares). In the kits we prepared for you, their is only 15 squares. When following the pattern cutting instructions, this will leave you short eight 2.5" squares. You will be able to cut those EIGHT squares from the leftover fabric from your borders. 


My personal preference is to cut in the order given, I mean they wrote the pattern that way for a reason, right?! Well that's my logic anyways. Be cautious cutting the 10" squares, the best advice I can give is: "Measure twice, cut once." If you have taken our Beginning Quilting class, I am positive you have heard this saying before. This might sound simple, but there has been too many times I have zoomed along cutting and realized I've made a "whoopsie" that earns a trip to Quilting B & More!

10 in stack

Once you have all of your fabric cut, you're all set to go for next week. We will be focusing on piecing our Half Square Triangles; I can't wait to share my favorite ruler for doings HSTs and we are going to have to pay close attention because their is a special twist to getting these blocks perfect! Share your guesses below in the comments.

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