Class Policy

Entering the Store to Attend Class:

    • Mask are mandatory, and must be worn at all times.
    • Students will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry to store. Sanitizer will also be available in classroom.
      • Gloves will be provided for those with allergies to sanitizer.



    • Each student will be provided a work area that is safely 6 ft from teacher and all other students in classroom.
      • Each work station will be equipped with a cutting mat, mini ironing board and iron.
      • Students are responsible for all other material needed for class.
      • Students are responsible to clear their work stations of all their belongings at the end of each class to facilitate classroom cleaning by store staff.
    • A few things to keep in mind when shopping during class time:
      • Prior to entering store front, students will need to sanitize their hands.
      • When the store is closed, shopping will be allowed if there is an extra staff member present to accompany the students into the retail area. i.e. Joyce and Cheryl or Roberta and Suzanne. 


    End of Class:

    • To exit classroom and pass back through the store front students will be asked to sanitize your hands before leaving the classroom.



    • No food will be allowed in the classroom. Everyone will need to leave the classroom at lunchtime.
      • Drinks in a sealed reusable container will be the only liquids allowed in class. Disposable cups will not be allowed: ie: Tim Hortons cup with cover.
    • We ask that you try to limit bathroom usage.
    • Door from classroom to store front is to remain closed when class is in session.


    Policy is subject to change, to follow provincial and/or national policy.